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Starus Word Recovery 2.6 Commercial / Office / Home

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Раздел: Soft / Системные
Starus Word Recovery 2.6 Commercial / Office / Home

Starus Word Recovery - надежный инструмент для восстановления текстовых документов с изображениями, таблицами, шрифтами, словарями, ссылками, диаграммами и другим содержимым. Программа вернет также текстовые документы, которые не удается восстановить при помощи встроенных средств восстановления Microsoft Office.

Восстановление удалённых документов, созданных всеми версиями Microsoft Word и OpenOffice Writer. Starus Word Recovery поддерживает режимы моментального восстановления и полного сканирования диска, обеспечивая уверенное восстановление документов с отформатированных, не читаемых и заново разбитых на разделы дисков. Предварительный контроль целостности найденных документов обеспечивает гарантию успешного восстановления.

Программа предназначена для решения следующих задач:
• Восстановление всех современных файлов текстовых документов Microsoft ® Word 95, 97, 2000, 2002 XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 и 2013 годов;
• Восстановление RTF (Rich Text Format);
• Восстановление всех версий документов OpenOffice;
• Восстановление файлов, защищенных паролем;
• Программа работает с отформатированными, поврежденными и недоступными дисками;
• Восстанавливает временные файлы не сохраненных текстов и может использоваться в качестве инструмента для обнаружения преднамеренно уничтоженных электронных документов;

В процессе восстановления программа сохраняет:
• текст и форматирование
• таблицы
• маркированные списки
• встроенную графику
• графики и чертежи
• заголовки и сноски
• гиперссылки, URL-адреса
• применяемые стили, верхние и нижние колонтитулы, поля и закладки

Recycle Bin and Shift+Del Recovery
Whether you deleted a document in Windows Explorer with Shift+Del, used a third-party application or emptied the Recycle Bin, Starus Word Recovery will help you recover these documents in a matter of minutes. The tool features blazing-fast recovery algorithms allowing to reinstate recently deleted documents in no time.

Get Exactly What You See
Thanks to an automatic built-in integrity check performed every time the tool identifies a potentially recoverable document, Starus Word Recovery can proudly offer a 100% recovery assurance. We’ll guarantee that every document that appears in the list of recoverable files will be successfully recovered and fully functional. Starus Word Recovery will not display several thousand corrupted files – instead, it’ll only list the ones that can be actually opened in your office app.

Preview Before You Recover
The fully functional pre-recovery allows viewing recoverable documents complete with their layout, fonts, colors, embedded pictures and objects. In other words, you’ll see the document the way you see it in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or Writer. The built-in viewer does not require Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer to be installed.

Recover Password-Protected and NTFS-Compressed Documents
Starus Word Recovery can successfully recover documents protected with a password, including those encrypted with password-to-open. In addition, Starus Word Recovery supports built-in NTFS compression, enabling surefooted recovery of NTFS-compressed documents.

Recover Documents Lost after Malware or Virus Attacks
Malware programs often corrupt or encrypt disk system records, delete or lock up documents, sometimes for the purpose of blackmailing. Don’t fall for it! Starus Word Recovery is fully able to process corrupted disks and recover locked documents in a matter of minutes. Even if your disk was formatted and appears empty, or even if you can’t access it at all, Starus Word Recovery will still work thanks to its best-in-class content-aware analysis.

Recover Documents You Never Saved
It may sound like magic, but Starus Word Recovery can indeed recover some of the documents you never saved by making use of temporary save files created by Microsoft Word while you are typing. These files are used by Microsoft Office for recovery purposes. However, Office itself may not be able to access all of the temporary files, especially if they have been already deleted. Starus Word Recovery fully supports the recovery of temporary files, allowing you to recover work you’ve never saved.
Recover Documents Stored on Inaccessible Media

Can’t access the disk or have a corrupted memory card or USB pen drive? Starus Word Recovery can successfully recover documents stored on all types of corrupted, inaccessible and otherwise damaged storage media regardless of whether or not the partition table or a file system is present.

Recover Documents from Formatted Disks
Wiping the disk with Quick Format only takes seconds. Recovering files from formatted partitions can take you forever – unless you’re using Starus Word Recovery. The tool can scan the disk in low level, reading the entire content of the device in order to locate all recoverable documents by looking for known bit patterns. This algorithm enables surefooted recovery from formatted, repartitioned and corrupted storage media.

Recover NTFS-Compressed Documents
If you have NTFS compression enabled on the folder that keeps your document files, only a few select tools will be able to get them back for you, and Starus Word Recovery is one of them. With full support of NTFS real-time compression, Starus Word Recovery can reliably restore documents stored in compressed folders or on compressed volumes.

Safest Recovery with Virtual Disk Images
Do you have a disk falling down? Unreliable, worn and badly damaged disks become extremely sensitive to excessive read operations. Starus Word Recovery takes care of this issue by optionally creating a bit-precise image of the device with one long read operation. By minimizing the number of disk access operations, Starus Word Recovery offers the highest chance of successful recovery. After capturing the disk image, you can take all the time you need to extract documents from that image file.

Starus Word Recovery recovers the complete document structure including all of the following:
- Near-instant recovery of deleted files;
- Original text and formatting;
- Tables and graphs;
- Marked lists;
- Embedded graphics;
- Drawings and charts;
- Headnotes and footnotes;
- Links and URLs;
- Styles, subtitles, superscript, fields and notes;
- Comments and revision marks;
- Document metadata.

Starus Word Recovery 2.6 Commercial / Office / Home

Информация о программе:
Год выпуска: 2018
Платформа: Windows® 10/8/8.1/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: Многоязычный + Русский
Лекарство: keygen-RadiXX11
Размер файла: 6.80 MB

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